Dear Sir,

The company is the seller of the goods.
The contract of purchase and sale of the goods between 3 parties: the Owner of the Resource, the Seller and the Buyer.
The transaction will be executed between 3 parties – the Resource Holder, the Seller and the Buyer.

According to the requirements of the Resource Holder, the Buyer prepares the following documents:

B– Seller send to Buyer the following documents for signing:
C– Buyer send to Seller:
– KYC (Buyer fills in, signs and seals)
– NCNDA (must be signed by both parties, MERITED ENERGY FZE and Buyer).
– Trade license of the company (If required by the company’s charter).
– Scanned copy of the passport of the signatory (s).
– BCL addressed to Resource Holder.
D – The Resource holder, after checking the documents, will take one of the following decisions:
1 – Seller issues FCO to Buyer’s address.
2 – The Resource holder invites the buyer and seller to its headquarters to discuss details.
E – MERITED ENERGY and the Buyer sign contract.
F – Seller issues PPOP to buyer.
G – the Buyer transfers the letter of credit (LC) at sight to the MERITED ENERGY. type of LC would be mutually agreed by both parties.
H – Seller issues POP to buyer.
I – the Seller starts loading.
J – Buyer pays contract fee according to CI.

We do our best to create the best conditions for the upcoming transaction
Best Regards